Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You just never know...

I’ll be remarkably brief since I’m pretty far behind on emails now.

Just sharing something I’m tickled about – and it’s filed under the “you just never know until you ask” category!

A customer wanting to buy a Johann really wanted a more rugged au natural version. I’m not done here but I’m so tickled at how he’s coming out! There are times when I’m sculpting that I come to this impasse where I can’t decide between doing things one way or another – hair usually, as that’s entirely (almost) aesthetics. In this case, when originally sculpting this horse, I was torn between the less groomed mane and the more polished look… so when a customer asked if I ever did such customizations in this case I was so eager to jump on it and give it a shot! (Ok, granted too I don’t always have the time or inspiration, sure. I certainly don’t offer it as a regular service, but you just never know until you ask!!).

So the biggest part was to add more “slight” feathering. The real horse, my boarder, who inspired this had year-round feathering at the pasterns even though he was very sleek otherwise. It wasn’t hard for me to picture at all.

Anyhow, so maybe I’ll get better pictures when I’ve actually succeeded in blending these out. (I totally should've waited until I was done, yes yes ok ok...!).. But I roughed them in today & went OOOHH neato! Thus why I’m sharing.

This is the sculpture in it’s originally intended state;

This cold casting is standing at Campbell House in Southern Pines right now until mid-Dec when the show ends. It’s so funny how a little cleanup makes such a different impression! Show horse verses woodland trail steed!

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