Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crioulo in progress

Just for fun too - since I've been focused so much for the last 3 months on the non-sculpting side of things I'm happy to return to "work in progress" sharing here!

This is my Crioulo (Criollo) sculpture in progress. I'm thinking of naming him... Merengue..

Yeah, I use a candle for to warmeth my tools. It's HOT in the studio right now though so it's unpleasant & I just blew it out. .. :-/ One of my favorite working ambiance aspects of sculpting though is to have a good smelling (soy/essential oil) candle going & an interesting book on tape. Already a hour passed today & I thought I'd barely sat down for 2minutes...!

Turning on the AC in here now & jumping back into it!! :)

____Later ______
Ok, 2 things quickly here I spied later when I went back to him. The leg popped out of place again. I made big changes initially & the armature is not attached anymore (bad!) and I think this shows I'm going to have to dive in & cut the leg off/remake the armature again before I carry on. Initially my thinking was - just work iwth it & fiddle when I've cast the prototype master in resin. But's really easier to do now.

And yes, the candle WAS too close there.. his ear melted over. hehe! ;)


Vicky said...

WOW! That is all....

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgen
Would you consider critiquing my Sentinel sculpture.
Everyone and their brother has done so, but I really would like your opinion. I am not thinned skinned Morgen. Ha!
I will send the newest photos via my FB page tomorrow.
Thank you for your time Morgen
Sheila Uva
Uva Collection

Anonymous said...

Morgen, how do you make a resin mold to work on?

Morgen said...

Thank you Vicky! :)

Shelia, I do do critiques now and then. It's a very big task for me (I spend many hours doing so and trying to explain things thoroughly). Even in person I like to spend a LOT of time looking over the work and "stewing" on things before I go around making any suggestions. But please email me for more info:

As to molding - that's a HUGE topic with al sorts of ways to answer. There is a RESS Technique booklet (you'd have to find on the 2ndary market) wtih a great How To by Karen Gerhardt. Karen might be able to sell you the article alone - I don't know. I've done a few slight shares of a few types of molds on my blog here.. there are lots of how to videos online. Smooth On has wonderful ones I suggest. :) Hope that helps. :)

Laura Sokol said...

OMG!! I know I already told you I'm in love with this guy, but seriously Morgan... I have to have one!! I hope you release him the same way as Little Man Mango... I'm in love with this horse. Oh, and if you could hold off until after Christmas to release him, that would be wonderful!! lol, no pressure or anything. :)


Morgen said...

Well just for you then Laura I will..! ;)

No no seriously, I won't possibly be done before Christmas, don't worry. ;)

Morgen said...

Well to be fair, I am "aiming" for as soon as possible in early 2012 though. Whenever that may be but even if I magically finished before Christmas I wouldn't release something this year at that time for all sorts of reasons. But again Laura, tx!

Char said...

Oh wow, that guy is gorgeous! I hope he will be tack friendly, because I can't wait to have one to put a nice english set on!

Morgen said...

Definitely for certain. For those Argentinian clothes too. I really dig the saddles with the supersized horns...! :D