Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dad & the 3 gallery tour today!

I'm sooooo beat it's been a crazy past few days. I'm posting this mostly for my sisters (we share a dad) who are online the most. And my brothers (also different moms from me) in case they get online soon too. ;)

Dad came down to visit on a countrywide tour of necessity. Today we went to see the 3 galleries that my work is at in Southern Pines & Pinehurst. I took many more photos that really would've been great if I hadn't managed to get them blurry. I just was all off in the settings today.

Anyhow, off to bed with me. Here are the pics. :)

Hollyhocks and the only fun pic I managed to successfully take...

Outside of Artist's Gallery, just around the corner from the Campbell House exhibit.

This is the place that has the widgets too! I wanted to get them a couple more cold cast medallions, they have bust there as well. There are 5 here in time for black friday shopping but I just plumb ran out of time/energy in the cleanup this morning sooooooo hopefully by the end of the month when they have the "First Friday" nights downtown there.

And inside the Campbell House I tried to take some artsy shots & the ones with dad all look like a ghost is running through the room. But a few there (it's got such pretty grounds outside!).

Dad has promised to tell me more about doing large scale works in foam more to help me iwth my first project. He seems to feel that the fiberglass casting method is the way to go. I'm torn but slowly being won over to that side. For those not familiar with his story, he was a 3D designer for many years as well as an art teacher. So he really had a lot of fun today studying all the works. Again, I am SO sorry but the pictures of him studying art.. they're just bad! lol! :D

Ok, g'nite gang. ((Hugs to the sibs!!))

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