Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Echo, echo, vary...

I am such a bad student for memorization. There were only a few "terms" utilized to convey concepts in the one sculpting class I ever took (well in college at least) and it's an acronym I just can't remember. What I did take away however is the concept (which is the point tho at least); all works derive their dymanic aspects from the combination of variation and echoed shapes. Since I study photos a great deal I am always fascinated by how some photographers love to really have continuity in their photographs, whereas others who might be considered more avant garde chose extremely chaotic and sometimes hard to decipher subject matter (or can make ordinary objects become nearly unrecognisable in this way).

Anyhow, that's my musing for today. I decided to echo some of the angles into the mane and tail and solidify them to help me in the end stages of roughing out the basic anatomy here. Yes, basic anatomy roughing is still going on. There's no point in doing too much with joint & muscle shapes until you've really settled on the final dynamics because slight changes in leg positioning on horses results in huge changes in muscle shapes often. I sit surrounded by about 50 photos of close ups and various body views of this phase of the gallop and am currently picking appart what I like and don't like about aspects of tension in each. Some of my favorites are the show jumpers, but they wear so much gear! UGH! lol. ;)

Anyhow, ramble ramble.

Above I've photoshopped in a fuller tail. Below is the horse as is currently. Still far from primer as I keep refining and finding my armature beneath (note the shiny leg for instance? Fortunately that all sands down). I really am liking the mane. It feels very realistic in movement but adds a lot to convey her speed and leap to me. Ok, ramble of the day over. :)

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