Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One week later.. much changed!

Huh. In looking btwn last week and this I guess my changes were more drastic than I thought. I moved the head and neck tie-in in two spots. Added back a bit more crouch to the hind legs and finally got some more refinement to the body.

I'm chuckling because this massive progress is probably due to the fact that I've only been able to answer emails in the slowest fashion due to the security lock down.. thus, I haven't tried with some non-urgent ones. I still haven't uninstalled this @#$*&^#@ security software because I am getting ready to travel for a bit and have too much else to wrap up at the moment. Mostly the barn has required tons of pasture prep and slow introduction to the grass for the boarders in rotating shifts (these are extremely time consuming to coordinate daily). I have a great tan starting (farmers tan of course) despite the SPF30 I use... I also have been training a boarder on how to properly apply bell boots to her mare. See below.


So that's the news - I've been avoiding the computer until I can deal with this bs... an utilizing the time instead to wrap up a LOT of shipping and other loose ends right now. Bless my boarders for forcing me to go on this trip too. I was on the fence about it until a few weeks ago and one finally stepped up to the plate so I didn't need to hire a farm sitter which just simply costs too much. There is no profit in boarding horses. Really. It just barely pays a dollar an hour which translates into paying for feed for my TB boy. I'm getting a donkey from a friend when she finds homes for the rest of her herd (they're on the same property too right now), but thankfully donkeys, and especially this one, are air ferns. And my TB is such a special needs horse that it's pretty clear I'll always need a companion around for him. Thank god these brats are so huggable tho, eh? ;) The boarder people are rather huggable too. I am looking forward to my first full day off since Feb! And my first full overnighter since last July! WOOT!!! THANKS GUYS!!!! (((HUGS!!!)))

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