Thursday, May 3, 2007

I have been hating my computer at the moment..

Thus I have completely forgotten I can at least post here. I will be delighted if I can also get a picture past my new firewall's upgrade (licence renewal) that has efficiently locked me out of nearly all things I need access to to do business (it's gotten a little TOO secure). Mostly I've been spending any time at the computer reading through help-pages and spending time online with tech support. Very depressing.

ANYHOW, so obviously the gal has gotten a LOT of refinement since my last post. She's also got a "starter" tail that's real in there now. Meaning the stump isn't a removable "gesture" tail. I would like to put more "flick" into it for a couple of reasons: a feeling of fiesty-ness primarily though. I haven't thought too much about it. Still honing in on the larger shapes of the back, rump and shoulder at the moment. I did fiddle with the face a good deal finally too. It's all very rough as usual. Ok, here's to seeing if I can get a photo past my firewall now... (praypraypray)..YAY! I do believe it worked! :D (sighs of a brief victory here).

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