Monday, May 21, 2007

Puter fixed.. catchin up now too!

Before I share todays scary photo of the sculpture tho I *must* share highlights from my trip. :)
We start the photo essay with the first night at the NASCAR race that got rained out (so it was held the next day)..I broke out the camera when silly people couldn't resist sliding in the mud nude. Eventually someone got hurt of course (no photo of that, don't worry, I decided to take a walk because their follies weren't all that worth watching). ;) Next is the Dale Jr sign that is FINALLY out of my home -WOOT! (lol) I can't tell you how many times that thing made me jump no matter where I tried to tuck it away (apt is just too small for me and Dale there). The actual race of course (was the excuse by which I was coaxed out from my hermit lifestyle). T'was more fun than I expected (since I have little interest in very loud or very fast things). ;) Next is Chimney Rock (some have pointed out it might have more apt names - lol - I have to wonder what the Native Americans called it now..). Then Grandfather mountain. Nifty fun animal photos are from their wildlife rehab center. :) The mating snakes and gecko were not part of that tho - just critters I happened across. And lastly my favorite: CAVES! This time we stopped by Luray Caverns in VA. I highly recommend it - I can't possibly convey the size from mere photos -> huge! :D

Ok, and now for a photoshop effects Hazel study.

I took one of these hideous flattening flash shots because I wanted to know if I needed to add more throat given her neck's condension. Like that word? Anyhow, that and a few other spots: right leg has gotten too thin, adding a tad more nostril. I am hoping I will have cause to primer soon. I'd really like to "see where I am" better but some major butt tucking had to occur first so I'm still working that out before I bother. :)

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