Saturday, January 26, 2008

Anniversary saddle! :)

Angry Mego® Man is happy!

The good boyfriend has spent the last month (!!) sneaking around in his shop trying to hide his making of this Tandy leather kit saddle for me. It's not intended to really be a legit prop -> I've been teasing him since I gave him a huge leather tooling kit in Nov that he ought to make my donkey a pack saddle. I guess he figured he'd try a kit saddle first. He also says this will be his last mini scale leather anything. (I am laughing so hard - I loath making mini tack myself having attempted various projects back in the 80's).

I should add a little explanation about the resculpted Boreas. It's a collaborative work-in-progress started by DeeAnn Kjelshus (I bought it from her several years back).

Anyhow, here are some close ups.

Real ties! It's really quite impressive for a first effort and he made some of his own modifications to the materials.

Then he helped clean stalls. Woohoo what a great day! :D

I am now off to go make a treasure hunt around the house... my gift pales by comparison (inexpensive and not hand made). :( I suck. I need to go add some creativity to make it more fun.

Meanwhile - they are STILL wrapping up my bathroom. So this crimps my treasure hunt planning (until the man is gone for the day - hopefully for good!). I also can't really work in the studio (again - a mego Arrrrgggh!), until they get their equipment out of the way. This is really old after 2 weeks now. Anyhow, wish me treasure hunt planning creativity! :)

(oh, it's a 4 year anniversary from our first date in case yer wondering). :)

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