Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ooo! Almost up to 100 posts...

I dunno. I just noticed that and was amused.

This one is for Jackie. (waves) :)

Yes, the ear was moved again a while back. I figured out from fiddling why it looked so dorky before (attachment angle and was related to not having the left and right side matched up better basically).

I am DOING THE DETAILS baby! Woohooo! This is definitely my favorite part. Sadly (fortunately as well I suppose) it goes REALLY fast. Here are a few close ups that sorta show some... I haven't done the shoe clips yet and the nail grooves on the bottom aren't "real" yet as I'm still getting the width right.

(this pic is pretty large and yet it's a crappy photo - sorry!)
I have made the executive decision that the next priming will "go red". It shows detail better and makes smoothing easier. I've only been using the grey b/c I'm using grey colored epoxie... but the grey primer has this "dusting" tendency that destroys details pretty easy. The last 3 sculptures I've finished were grey but frankly in looking through those past photos I see a lot of detail masked by that very neutral color that didn't show up as much until people started painting them. White is just a miserable, annoying and disappointing primer in any brand imo (very thick and latex-y - clogs detail too much), and the 1 sculpture I've finished in white was terribly hard to photograph on top of that. I remember five years ago LOVING the red though and I've really liked priming horses to paint with it b/c of it's smoothness too ... soooo... (prays for ease in smoothing the final product & crisp details!). Wish me speed & success please! :D

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