Friday, January 4, 2008

The Meaning of Life... Monty Python style!

First off, lets just have a shameless plug for some items I'm selling in case anyone is interested: 6 resins left there (sculpted by other artists) And on to .. The Meaning of Life... I always think of this quote and giggle when I'm painting tiny tiny details:

Dr. Livingstone: Ah… I think I'd… better come clean with you about this. It's, um… it's… not a virus, I'm afraid. You see, a virus is what we doctors call "very, very small". So small, it could not possibly have made off with the whole leg. What we're looking here for is, I think — and this is no more than an educated guess, I'd like to make thathuge, razor-sharp teeth about eleven feet long, and of the genus felis horribilis — what we doctors, in fact, call a tiger. clear — is some multicellular life form with stripes,
Really I mostly think of the man as he describes "very very small.. So small, it could not possibly have made off with the whole leg. "

Anyhow. At the moment in the studio I've been absorbed in painting something with details that are very very small (and that could not have possibly made off with a whole leg).

"Painting" involves acrylics, pencils, smudging tools and a lot of patience to make roany hairs and blended white details. Today I've moved on to the more grand scale (well not microscopic at least) oil paint layers which will add highlighting now and thus can step away for a few days whilst that dries and share these pics. :)

Tada! (I'm really having a lot of fun here)

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