Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Public Service Msgs.. lol!

I just posted this over on a UDBB (dressage bb) thread about accidental replies to all.. figured it would be a fun post to throw here too (and since I've been mostly working on wee detaily things (painting and sculpting wise). I'm going to go dig out some links and share em below as well though. First the PS msg:

Be careful also if you have "send to all" privileges...

When I worked in marketing after the first company lay off someone had left a note pad with lined paper that said "Sh*t List" on the top of each sheet. I laminated a couple from the pad and we used to hold it up to folks with a sharpe and joke around about who ought to go on it. Crude humor but the "laminated s*** list" had a little fan club I guess. Lots of bitterness of course after a 30% layoff so I'm sure you can imagine we needed our dark humor props.

Anyhow, I also used to never leave my desk for lunch. I just was that kind of employee I suppose. Anyhow one day the marketing crew and someone from another office were volleying emails back and forth about meeting somewhere in between for lunch (place was a lot quieter and lonely after the first big wave of layoffs). When one gal I hadn't seen in a while heard I was going she replied "OH! So Morgen has taken me off her laminated s*** list" (note that she DID use the asterisks - and of course she meant it in the context that this was because I never came along to lunches). Since this was a literal object and not a figurative euphemism I found it rather funny, not snarky. In fact anyone who knew this gal couldn't have found it snarky - she was just not snarky. So the email volley goes back and forth some more - we were very entertained that she remembered this plastic imfamous object and thus kept referring to it and how, yes, she was cleaned off of it.

Then my coworker, hit the letter "a" by accident in the sender box.

Outlook did it's awesome "find close match" feature from her contacts list and replaced "a" with "all".

And it went out to the whole company. HR. Board of Directors. Select recipients in the CEOs family. Persons we even in investor relations only knew of as person "x".

... I got a call from a giggling Bioinformatics VP who said "gee, am I on your laminated s*** list too?"... that's when I knew it happened.


I ran over to her desk and found my coworker on the floor crying until an HR person came upstairs laughing and told us to relax, it was damn lucky we had all decided conservatively to not actually swear outright and use the asterisks.

But wow was that a blunder. I still laugh though thinking about the stupid thing. I bet I have it tucked away somewhere.

Ok, lessee. I've been making great use of a Bob Langrish poster book and other great big high res pics of legs in my dear Hazel's position of late. I also have been really trying to pin down the exact muscling where the pectorals tie into the sternum. I don't have any great links of that - the Langrish photos of Iberian and Friesian horses have been the best help there.. I want horses who are really throwing their shoulders forward so that the pecs are big and meaty and straining back with a big groove to that tie-in point (since horses don't really have a collar bone set up like humans - which allows them a lot more movement forward and inward some too).

Anywho, so here are some links of fun at any rate. :)
http://slawik.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=73283 (not nearly enough forward but you get the gist I hope of what I was saying above)
http://www.menorcahorses.com/photos/displayimage.php?album=39&pos=3 (also not much lift up/fling forward but nice for other reasons)
http://www.terrimiller.com/gallery/gallery.php?galleryid=1093&photoid=TipTop7DAD-5466 (here I think I was just admiring his beefiosity! lol!)
http://good-times.webshots.com/album/562037082ZscAMN?start=24 (and a whole album of skijoring which I think ought to be a more commonly shown performance sport for showers!) :D

Hope everyone is getting some reprieves from the weather - we are right now! It was 50 degrees warmer than it was last week - woohoo!!! :)

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