Friday, May 30, 2008

Barn/mare update

God has heard my prayers to push tonight’s wee hour rain back until a reasonable time tomorrow morning. :) The barn REEKS of bleach. One of my boarder’s (the gal with the adorable silver chestnut QH) is pretty active in showing and says she’s really anal about lysoling like mad when she shows… so she was more than happy to scrub bleach with me today. [blushes] She actually did a lot more than I did (which I’m so thankful for) because I loath breathing a lot of bleach. She brought a garden sprayer for it too. Anyhow, horses are less fond of the bleach smell than I am so this is why I’m SO happy the place has another 12hrs to air out before thunderstorms. I gotta get up wicked early for me but that’s fine. :)

I don’t know too much about the mare. GEEZ! I didn’t even say that she went to Tufts yesterday afternoon here in my blog! YIKES! Yes, she needed to go. So I’ve also heard from the owner this morning that they’d stabilized her fluid level. That they expect it will take a week to get the colitis under control (I think?) I don’t know for certain about if she even needs antibiotics or what really to expect I’ll get to know about the infection aspect. I do know her temp was pretty mild (thank god) when she left I know she’s in Tuft’s isolation unit (fwiw, she had to wait half a day for another horse to be cleared from there, they only have one area cleared for isolation).

I don’t need to know much more right now I guess but I do have a call into the vet. My barn ought to be sterile right now. I’ve taken the quarantine signs down so I REALLY hope I don’t get in trouble for being hasty about that. One boarder doesn’t want to go in there. One is away. And then there’s the one who blessedly bleached for me today so I could scrape stalls out. It was time to strip them anyhow. Lol! In the meantime since I am working late late tongith I probably won’t call the owner (she’s been tired) until tomorrow if I don’t hear anything. I just stopped home here to change clothes/wash up and I’m right back out there. I spy no urgent emails but I’m days behind guys!! SORRY!

Please keep jingling/saying prayers for the mare!


Heather said...

My heart goes out to your boarder with the sick mare. I hope she comes through it all ok!!

Becky Turner said...

good luck morgan, Im sure most everyone knows real horses come before the plastic I wouldn't worry too much. I hope the mare will be ok, its a scarey thing to have a real sick horse.I went thru it years ago with a mare of mine who ended up at the vet collage! hospital for 2 months!.. yes the bill was just huge! took me years to pay if off.. but the mare lived so it was all worth it. good luck!

Heather said...

Thanks for keeping us abreast of the mares' condition.....hat's off to you Morgen,keen eye on watching the mare. Keeping positive thoughts flowing your way! ~Heather
Yucaipa, Cali

Heather said...

Afternoon Morgen,

I hope that no news is good news. I truly feel for you and the boarder's mare. Keep the strength.
Yucaipa, Cali