Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun arabian pictures :)

Well I'm into the "shop before you chop" phase now... where I'm taking photos in the studio and comparing them to horses online. It's almost never a perfect science and it's actually BAD to do overlays unless you have perfect angles of both horses matched up (all points - xyz coordinates - there is room for distortion each end ->from the top, bottom, front to back - iow perspective is a tricky thing and it's not great to rely solely on this).

Anyhow, I'm finding myself surprised how much shoulder arab mares over the age of 4 years old have. Shoulder and hip depth! I plan to try to shoot for 3-4yo here however, a young fiesty mare. She's sorta leaping off to the left (leaping/dancing you get the picture eh?).

Annnnnnnnnnd since I gotta run back to the therapy job now for afternoon feeding here's a few more links to enjoy. :D

from 2:05min into this;

check out that CRAZY pose eh?
(from )

Some other fun helpful pics I found...

But those aren't just limited to stallions... check out THIS mare...! (8-o
And a whole list of fun to admire elite mares:

And more that I wanted to save somewhere (here works!) :)

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