Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tx Katie! :D & Now Tx Blabbers!!

updating later Wed... I posted to Blab for feedback in the "What do you really think forum":

And now here's her new and improved stance:

**********earlier Wed******************
(I'm referring to Katie's contribution in the last post - thanks dear!!!) :D

I love new refs and for some reason despite looking through Gabriele Boiselle's searchable directory & all 1000++ arabs.. I hadn't seen a few of those album's pics. A couple REALLY helped me this morning to resolve a few things that were driving me nuts.

The shoulder... too short.. too juvenile for a 3yo. And the neck.. too gazelle like, too thin even for a mare except of the most extreme type which isn't what I was going for. :D

Sooo here's where she stands now. I'm really jazzed.

During lunch I parked my two cold cast bronze traditionals next to her to give an idea of scale.. and I played with the mane here too:

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