Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vixen ("Rio") is done! :)

Well I'm going to post the text of that ad here because MH$P has been wildly fickle... :( aaaaand I'm also gonna put the BIG photo here since I went through the trouble of making it.. :)

Link to MH$P Ad:
Up for Offers Until Sunday March 15th 10PM EST
…Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand…

Taking offers starting at $300 Please read the terms below


Timepayments – yes, I will accept these. Time payments up to 6 months accepted as part of the offers.

Trades – believe it or not, yes, I will also accept these (for unpainted resins ONLY) & for no more than HALF the value. Trade item value must be determined and accepted by both parties. I am only interested in this in order to have interesting resins I might not otherwise be able to aquire… unfortunately I’m really picky about what I acquire (I have quite a few you can imagine eh?) :) so there is NO PROMISE that I’m interested in any particular resin for trade, but try me! :)

Payments – 50% due within 10 ten days of bidding close date (March 15th is the close date here so 50% is due by March 25th). 25% must be paid in cash by March 25th if a trade was negotiated.

Bidder anonymity – bidders will be assigned initials and if you wish to remain anonymous in display here these can be random letters. BE AWARE however for the sake of honest disclosure that the winning bidder will receive the real names of the under bidders involved


Media – painted primarily in oils and finished with some acrylic details. Rio comes with a base that I’m happy to customize further at the winner’s request.

About the resin – Vixen is a quite popular sassy tiny little gal with wonderful details. She's a stablemate scale mustang mare & I was lucky to get on in the few minutes they were available (I believe the edition is now sold out). Sculpted with all the detail, character and style that Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig is known for!

About me – It’s been over a year now since I’ve offered up any painted horses for sale.. but I'm both a sculptor and painter and I honestly can't remember how long I've been in the hobby but I've been selling now for just under or around a decade I suppose (time flies and I try hard not to dwell on that!). :) A little more about my hobby painted horse sales can be found on my sales page. By way of a resume of work quality, a gallery of winners sculpted and a # of ones intersperse that were painted by me (winning) can be seen here. Also I have a blog post of this year's NAN winners (a few painted by me as well) here. Closer images of some of those can be seen under my "artist's proofs" block on this page. My commission policy and image use policies are here.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions (morgen @ or point out that I've made a major faux pas here! I certainly am out of practice and haven't offered up the trade option before so I'e never done sales this way. Thanks for your patience and thanks for looking!!!


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