Sunday, March 22, 2009

Much refining now to get type (and more pic refs) :)

I am liking this particular type of Arab head personally. There are SOOOOOOOO MANY types of arab heads really. It's very hard to choose what's young & feminine, yet says "arab".. and there are a lot of types I don't find so appealing. Even just nostril flares (where I'm at now - how much to flare.. I kinda like the more vertical flare personally).

Here's some fun pics now. I've been literally looking through thousands as I sit down every time over here. :D

First let me say how incongruous I find this photo to be:
Doesn't he look like he should be holding a lead to his favorite sheep dog? (whom I'd expect to be sitting looking at him loyally)... not a striking out stallion? lol!

Ok, onto more with less commentary: (like the body but not the head in that pic actually - was looking at shoulder/neck tie in there) (stallion stallion I know I know..) (body again, not head) (now this one I just totally dig how refined the head is and yet it's not too narrow)

And here those came from this;
A billion and one egyptian arabians to admire :D

That's all for now... while this mare hardens (Apoxie Sculpt) I need to get back to my medicine hat fellow. ;)

Opps! Forgot to record for posterity a bunch of others I’d been looking at…

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Katie said...

Hey Morgen,
I love what you have going here with this gal and thought I'd drop a couple more reference sites in case you need more pics/inspiration ;)

All in different languages though lol. The first one, if you click the pictures, there's more pictures, then on the other ones there's multiple pages, just click
"nächste Seite" in the top right corner.