Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Iaret" video now (and some others) :)

Well you tube isn't exactly hidden so I just told my group that this might as well go here also. More fun than one person should be having on a rainy Sunday. :)

Also, some videos I said I'd share of striking out horses. These were just ones I'd originally found and saved after a discussion ages ago with friends on the various ways a horse can strike out (head tucked low, rearing, etc etc.). I think my most successful search keywords were "horse introduction" (which also, if I recall correctly, lead to some breeding videos so watch out!).

There were more but they're gone. I'm sure that's plenty. :D

Ok, well that's probably going to be it for a WHILE for me here.. I've got so much to catch up on offline and via the yahoogroup. I'm still waiting for an email with a good photo of my friend's baby from the last post.. I used their cameras (well took photos and video for them - egads, eh? After everyone just witnessed my video skills here?). Anyhow, I'll just tuck a photo of a full term baby there in THAT post whenever it comes. Poor guys there are soooo busy. :D Yay for newborns!! :D

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