Friday, January 1, 2010

My God, it's full of stars!

(well someone HAD to say it no???)

Happy New Years Guys!!

(and belatedly Merry Christmas too) :)

I've been extremely productive lately and this interspersed with getting a lot of items mailed out and catching up on correspondence. My arabian mare "Iaret" is getting the last of her details as I type nearly (epoxie is firming and awaiting me to go back and press in some details)..

I am still quite behind on my correspondence however.. if you've asked a question and I haven't replied, please don't hesitate to resend. I'm going backwards through emails when I take studio breaks here! In the meantime though, I thought I ought to at least acknowledge that I'm alive and well over here and gearing up to show off some new stuff soon!

Here's to a whole new decade of new and exciting things to come, eh?! Cheers all!!! :D

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Katherine Bogucki said...

Hehehe, how geeky is it that I too am jazzed that I will have lived in both 2001 AND 2010? Hahahahaha! Happy New Year!