Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Totally eeeee!!! :D

I've only got a couple of minor veins and a signature to go here on my arab mare. It's like stars and moons are coming together!!! Yipee!! I found some great (and topical!) books on tape to listen to of late (Elizabeth Peter's "Vicky Bliss" series if anyone's interested in that sort of thing..), makes me far less twitchy when sitting all day to have something I like to listen to on rather than the radio (commericals & same songs at the same time all day) or TV (ditto on the redundancy). So diving into a great new book on tape (cd) and the last leg of a project really is fun. And then further miracles happened when my backordered camera battery recharger came in (2 weeks early!) today and thus I can use my new (to me used) camera - woohoo!!! :) And so it looks like tomorrow I may very well be able to even take some pictures!! (or Friday.. I do work a few hours tomorrow too).

So I'm pretty excited over here. And hoooopefully with the new (used but new to me) camera I'll be taking more pics more often too so these blog posts won't be so dang boring!

That is all for now.. tomorrow I may be spraying her with her final coating. Eeee!

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