Friday, January 15, 2010

[new!] Life interrupting! :)

(see bolded update below!)

My best friend is currently trying to squeeze that little blob out...! Eee! (can you see her face??? Isn't it amaaaazing how they can get that now on these??!).

So while my plans for the day HAD been to finally get my own new gal (arab sculpture) all sprayed up nice and share her finally with you... well sorry..!! my best friend has something much more important to share! :D This blob (as yet unnamed) was actually the biggest reason we chose not to move until Spring when we decided to move last fall.

Soooo we shall see..

Contractions 10min apart right now..

(LATER ON UPDATE) Forgive me for not having pictures to share (not sure she'd want to outside of her facebook anyhow)... but she had her baby girl @ 7:33pm! A beautiful healthy baby - 8lbs even, 16 inches. And she made it look easy man.... and I immediately burst into tears. (rolls eyes).. I've seen dogs, cats, goats, cows and horses give birth live and I've never cried like that. Crazy species specific mom hormones must come flying out with those babies, I swear! Anyhow, I'm beat, (as if I did anything) but well there ya go. Can't think of anything more to say about it except <> :D


Field of Dolls Studio said...

my little blob photos never looked like that :)

Dakota said...

Wow Morgen, I'd say that was a nice sized blob!! 8 pounds and 16"? Short to the ground and solid as a rock!! Rock On little gal!! Welcome to the world......Nancie