Sunday, January 31, 2010

Confirmation again of email issues..

Sooooo I should mention it here too just in case. Over the past few years I've discovered (just in sending things to people while on the phone, "is it there yet? wait, the other one got through but not the first???" etc etc.. and learning that they go to some email hosts but not others) that sometimes emails really just plain get eaten by cranky email hosts. Sooo on days when I send out many multiple identical emails to customers, it can set off a fun rejection knee-jerk reaction from hosts like, aol and other very popular emails. Basically I can be conversing with someone and meanwhile sending out form-reply emails to customers and wham - suddenly the person I was conversing back and forth doesn't get any of my emails.

In the past sometimes they've gotten through (months even!) later. Sometimes just gone. Phhhtpt!

So once again, if you've written me and never got and answer, please please do try again. They get to me. I just need to reply back from the pita browser email ( is my browser email right now). Aaaaaaand I made a post a few years back on how to use my blog (since I made itn so that comments posted are moderator 'approve' only, so can be private) too incase emails just outrihgt bounce when coming in to me. Here's that old post;

And now to make this fun, something utterly hilarious I think. What the heck is going on at that farm... you think Dell ("Belle"?) the horse maybe is tranq'ed? (wow!)

Ps, I still need to post some fun pics about my vacation last week (soon to be MIL, my fiance's motherm, flew us down to Tampa for her wedding). How could you turn down an all expenses paid trip this time of year! I envy those of you who live down there ... well right now I do - lol! :) I'll get them off of my cell phone soon. I didn't dare travel with my camera, can't afford to break it and I drop things (especially when there's things like sand to drop into!). ;)

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