Monday, October 4, 2010

Oil based solvents... that's the trick!

Thank you most sincerely for the tips guys - I really do appreciate the input more than you possibly could know & would love to hear more ideas too. Working alone is hard - even with the web out there, its not the same & "studio days" with friends are a luxury months and months apart.

While I know people find commercial art fields inhibiting, working in the group settings in art departments is something I envy. I've gotten to work with some people/art depts at my old corporate job (although there I also was alone and it was a lonely job a lot, not just because I preferred working into the evening - but being the only person in the dept who did what I did was simply lonely work). Also I have friends who have gone into fields with group interaction environments. And as a kid hanging out with my dad at Coleco (a long defunct toy company- smurf figurines and cabbage patch kids are probably what you'd know best?)... anyhow I hung out there a great deal as a kid and got to really see how artists interact while being very focused.... Then of course classroom settings too where ideas fly around fast and furious and hands on demonstrations are constantly possible. Anyhow, reading 'how to's' on the internet just doesn't replace live human interactions sometimes but hearing first hand from friends you know comes really close. So thank you SO much guys!

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