Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oct 2nd's...promising a career in chocolates maybe? :D

These make me hungry - it doesn't look quite so much like a chocolate bar in person... gray-green and all. Flash being funny.

Tonights medallion made during "Gladiator"... I'm inspired to try and do a bunch of different breeds in different doorways. I love the narrow look. My working area will love storing smaller & more narrow clay sculptures too at this rate. ;)

(mmm nom nom man!) :D
The archway illusion was just far too fun to do, it's even deeper than it looks here. I mostly wanted to show how flat the horse was. The tail and some mane/forelock details are still just etched out. I'll be using some further positive and negative relief on them to 'build' depth later when I come back to it to fix it up... for now I'm just setting this "exercise" aside too.

Unless I decide to put this "artform" into chocolate making use... Skye??? Skye??? Maybe you want to make some River chocolates? Cranky Crystal mare chocolates?? mmmm!


Sonya Johnson said...

These are really fun, Morgen, and really great exercises as we discussed.

Definitely hope you keep doing them!

Lynn W said...

I really like this one! In resin or chocolate ;-)