Monday, April 25, 2011

Necessity being the mother of invention...

This is often how I come up with new things. I want to try something out. In this case I *need* to try out a small test batch of rubber before making a mold on my foal. So I made this new widget while watching the last Harry Potter movie. Ok, can I just interject this? The PPV tech I called & spoke to called it Harry Potty - seriously - who stole my friend Jess's nickname for him? lol! Love it! Anyhow, the movie being pretty dark & me watching it during the day... well, I couldn't see much so I was pretty productive (although my eyes got less rest as there was less glancing up for eye-strain breaks).

And there you have the story behind this. I was watching (finally!) the 2nd to last Potty movie.. :D

Shown 2 to 3x larger here it's a 1 and 1/4" wide by 1 and 3/8" tall very shallow (and oily!) relief...thumbprint sized basically. Another widget for the envelopes mostly. I'm undecided on if I like them for other purposes. Maybe someday I'll go in cahoots with my jewelry making cousin Katie. :) (snaps for Katie!!! <3 )

Meanwhile... in the more global scheme of things.. there are artists who are 'idealists'... some are 'surrealists'... etc etc.. So I'm wondering if I should label myself 'the pragmatist?".... (weak!) Anyhow, gotta work on the story telling behind these works! ;)


Last Alliance Studios said...

Eeeee, so cute! ^^
Call him Ron, he looks like a Ron. XD

Morgen said...

Ok, I gotta confess the widgets have just seemed to insignificant to name "names" like regular artworks. This one is widget #9 so far... ;) Although you can call him Ron. Like a Monty Python skit. "There are some who call me ... 'Tim'"... :D

Natalie K said...

I love these Widgets. Someday I'll have them all.