Friday, April 15, 2011

A little helpful trick for the sculptors out there

It's really not a big trick, some sculptors like to have mirrors for this, I find I like sheet of paper with the contrast ramped up to really emphasize the contours... I take a photo of one side, flip it, and bump up the contrast. In truth I take photos from several angles but you get the idea. :)

Above first is reality & next is the grayscale higher contrasted version.

More refinement to come but I've ordered the molding rubber and hope to offer him extremely soon... hope you're on my yahoogroup if you want one! ;) Ah but seriously, I just can't help it being soooo excited about this guy and I'm using the excuse that the pony is going to be a lot more technically challenging to mold (I'll have to have a pro do the waste mold for me - this foal at least I can do the waste casting myself! yay!).

I shouldn't show these (even though I had to take em to balance out a few facial tendons & muscles) because the clay has blemishes. Blemishes being these darkened spots where heated tools discolored the clay... Anyhow, he'll look vastly better in close up in a primered state next week... but I can't help it, he's just the cats jammies to me! :)

And now back to painting actually... believe it or not that's mostly what I've been doing here..


TankDiveGirl said...

<3 <3 <3 !!!

So. Freakin. CUTE!!!

Can't wait to get him!


Morgen said...

Tx TDG! (& love that name!)