Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sat. in pictures (Stoneybrook Steeplechase)

I'll keep it brief and get right to the photo show. I had a booth and managed to sneak out a few times to get reference material for myself. Here's a small sampling...

The booth & you already know what I look like from previous posts so I won't torture you with the ones my fellow took of me attempting to smile nice (and looking pained which is typical for me when I know cameras are around).

Duke and Johann received the most pets - yes, they had do not touch signs but there is just something irresistible about sculpture... there really is. Your typical collector is well trained not to dare to touch the breakables but I was fully prepared for it (I mounted them to marble bases). Collectors would faint to see someone rub their nails over a finish and ask what it's made of... ;) But it's all good. I built my demo gang to roll with the punches. ;)

I got some pained ones of my fellow too but then managed to make him laugh over something & got a real smile. He was indispensable! Setting up the track lighting alone would've been impossible for me and you can't tell from the photos but it really made a difference.

And on to the real stars of the show. I took most photos from the backstretch. The majority of the other side wasn't approachable as it was "box seating" roped off and with private tents. So I tried a few spots and found the best pics for my purposes were on the backstretch (3 hurdles worth). The downfall was that I couldn't see the finish of any of the races.

I did burst photography of this race's start. They walk in circles around the starter counter clockwise and then reverse off and try to walk as calmly as possible to the "line".. whereupon the man flags the "go" and runs like heck... this small field of five made it look pretty scary but to imagine this with a field of 10 or more is rather hair raising!

And then to finish off with an "awww" moment! :) I didn't see this get much use but I dared a few folks to try it out (I kinda wanted to myself but well, I had a dress on.. that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

Fun day and while a really raw cold front apparently cut the crowds in half, it was well worth it. Can't wait for next year! :)

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