Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Head revisions and an old art class exercise

Quickly - the head revised. I took a pic today when photographing this morning's sketch. His nostrils & nasal bone end had really gotten smushed up & when I took those last photos the extent of it really was irritating the daylights out of me! Nares & nasal bone back in effect though (he's expirating). :)

The old art class exercise here is to use non-hatched lines to give shape. I failed miserably at it in college. In fact I stumbled across some old line drawings done where you couldn't identify the subject if you tried. Anyhow, but I really enjoyed that approach however in this context (musculature in tension).

Anyhow, so from one of my photos from last April, I did this this morning.

“Running Mates at Stoneybrook”
Pastel, pencil and charcoal on board 17 x 11 inches

Detail from above - if you enlarge you can see what I mean about those random squiggly lines. I am SURE there' s a proper illustration term for the technique but it escapes me...!

Ok, back to work on the criollo now.. I had to let some fumes clear out today so I mucked about quite a bit here. ;)

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