Monday, March 5, 2012

I just have no self control…

I realized today that I never shared any photos of his off side… sooooo as I’m smoothing the last little tweaks here & there I’ll share 2 more work in progress photos of my criollo sculpture. Right side photos for once.

The rubber is here. The resin is here. The box materials are here. All systems a go. I am touching up last minute little things in clay. The next step is to build the box around him. Cast a prototype. Smooth that up and add the details like veins and whisker bumps. Make the mane and tail cast-smooth friendly (an ongoing learning process for me). And then I shall reveal his name and the meaning behind it. It’s a musical name. He has always been dancing to me, even though he is still for this split second. Mischievously proud of his quick little spunky self!

Anyhow, I know I’d said no more photos till I was done but I just couldn’t resist. I take them for critiquing purposes & I just HAD to… it’s so boring for me to talk about making a sculpture & not share something. ;) So this is his right side (and there is a pole still there that I’ve masked over somewhat).

Like my resolutions to exercise and eat better… I gotta allow myself a little fun & break my self imposed rules now & then! ;)


Unknown said...

Please keep sharing. :)

Urbangoatgirl said...

I love this guy so much!