Monday, March 26, 2012

More sketches

Quickly b/c I'm beat. After dinner I did this one tonight (we're calling this our "quality time" lately - couch wind down time... I tend to go back into the sculpting studio after he hits the sack & get a few more hours work.. I'm a night owl. Anyhow, so tonight I needed to do something & I have several frames I'd like to fill for coming events).

So tonight's folly was this;
"Steeplechaser Headstudy #1" (am I like the most pragmatic artist or what? -sighs-)
5 x 7 inches

I am really having fun enjoying the artistic mindset departure from "technical-measure-technical-detail-measure-detail-detail" pressure of finishing up a sculpture to these few hour breaks here & there where I tackle a 'less is more' or "suggestion" of shapes approach.

But whew.. long day. :) G'nite!

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