Thursday, March 1, 2012

Warning! Weird workshop ideas in progress… !

In honor of these Breyerfest sculpting workshops now being available to sign up for (click here!)… I guess I’ll share this (cringe for the bad pun coming!!!) bare bones idea with you today (everyone groans). No but sincerely, I’m very excited to be able to teach a more advanced course this time, even if it’s daunting to try and squish a ton of info in within a 2hr format & some restrictions. There are always handouts at least too that people will have in the end if I can’t cover it all, but I am determined to do so!

Now of course people who know me know that I have a fear of public speaking – the thing I’ve discovered (aside from the fact that I’m in good company there, like Barbara Streisand even suffers this!), is that when you love what you do and are excited about the topic it’s not so bad. I don’t like to talk about myself (introducing ourselves to large groups is so common in everyday life), what I’m “thinking” about in doing art (I dread being put on the spot and coming up with intelligent sounding answers because honestly when I work the “thoughts” I have are not in word form so articulating them means trying to translate concepts without easy terms…)… but teaching, especially when you can draw or show in person is a lot of fun. I’m not the best by far but at least here I can overcome this phobia when I have an itinerary! :)

My fiance really digs the skull which cracks me up because it's all smooshy & wrong still.. but it is sorta fun for some reason too... couldn't put my finger on it though!

So blah blah anyhow… I share with you some test ideas I made yesterday while on the phone. I’m not ready to explain what I’m thinking BUT if I have leftovers from the class… maybe someday I’ll sell some. ;) (What a tease – eh!).

Please don’t pick these apart too hard. They were just to try out the ideas being discussed in that phone call. I did NOT measure or really even put all the bones/shapes in there right.. just was going by a cartoony drawing across the room & memory. Packed away somewhere I have the “visible horse” model & that thing ROCKS for bone shapes imo. Now for skeptics, ok ok, I haven’t measured the visible horse's proportions no (and no I don't think I probably ever will get around to that...), & I suppose if I had to guess it’s probably a bit short backed - for the truly picky. :) Still, it rocks for bone shapes imo!

When I get serious about this project I’ll probably want to pull that dude and ALL of my photo refs & illustration/plates out for doing this if I go ahead with it. So these will have to be redone properly BUT (yay!) they did prove to me that the notion of resin cast limbs isn’t too fragile and a wire does fit in there ok. & The skull’s normally hollow portions can sorta be winged & still be “skull like” enough I hope for what I want to do too. The bones (on the limb to each other or limb to head) are NOT in proportion either… again this was just fingers & fingernail playing while on the phone. Again so please don’t take it too seriously/literally just yet! :)

I’m happy I still remember something from college…(don’t we always feel this way? Ah HA! I get to use math finally in real life – lol!). I’m still paying for those courses to this day. In my bio major tract I took several years of anatomy which were also lab cour$es ;) each of which I’ve recently realized had sadly cost more than most of my (better/more reliable) cars I’ve owned still to this day! – ha! Clearly I’m bitter & rue the time I bought a car from a ‘reputable’ dealer.. ah but I digress). Anyhow, but I will have to be more serious about this for the sake of actually teaching anything.

Hope to see some of my bloggers there this summer! Please be sure to tell me your names too – it’s always fun to put faces to online names! And back to work here. I got a ton of mold making materials today & I have other things that I get to address now. Just taking a break during lunch here! :)


Heather said...

hmmmmmm.... contemplating one of those workshops with you


Morgen said...

[Bevis & Butthead style voice] "Do it! Do it!! Do it!!!".. lol!

Ahhhh lol - sorry - I dunno. No pressure truly. You are NOT allowed to try to make me laugh though during teaching. It's most serious business Missy & I don't want to offend anyone by being unprofessional and silly. I think I've gone there a few too many times in my life. ;) But you will have fun if you do, this is my goal; everyone is to have fun while they learn this time! :D