Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good grief, are we there yet???!

Ok, $20 off of their order of him to the first person who has already figured out his nickname & posts a comment of it..

I’m SO BORED with the divot/pin hole part… lol! This is my own dern :D fault (I'm well aware) for not being a better caster yet. My waste mold resin prototype here has had lots of pin holes.. so as I wittled down those legs it got brutal.... hole after hole..

I love his dainty legs though..! To me they just go “stompity stomp stompitty stomp (all petite but the better for him to move his little feetsies around very quickly – it’s a Latin American thing yanno.. he’s got a beat goin on all the time.. clippity clippity, pause, voila!!)..

Here’s a photo of the Criollo who inspired me to sculpt this guy. I have better ones of his body but he was also fighting his man there to get a move on so there’s lots of holding back pictures. There were thousands of horses at this event so he really stood out to me amidst all the pandemonium. I talked to his rider very briefly but he truly did have his hands full.

With that.. off to see if things are dry here yet. ;) Yesterday I had to drive around the countryside to Drs (last year's surgery holding up well, which is good because I've seen more Drs since we moved here than I have in literally the 2 decades before. I like good news thank you muchly!). AND tomorrow I head off in the afternoon for to stand guard in "Artist's Gallery" for an open house event. So I have to be presentable and human and all that. It's probably a good thing. Given my way with a horse like this I'd disappear and not step out of the studio for 2 solid weeks and feel really odd and troll like when I did. I've had this happen with more than a few horses now soooooooo being forced to leave to walk the dogs daily in the park... and doctors and handing out wine??? It's all good for me.

Still... it's obviously getting harder and harder for me not to show off the flipping exciting nuances this fellow has. I just need to have him perfect before I do so. So just another glimpse from afar so far. I can already see MANY things I need to fix in just this little taste. Simple things now but still.. would be terrible to show up close. Ugh. :) Aaaaaaaaand this is where it really gets different from some styles of work I like to do where you don't have to obsess over every little divot. Still, I do loooooove to pour on the detail so yeah... I bring it on myself.

Drums fingers on desk. I guess now would be a good time to take the dogs ot the park today. It's cooler now. & Then maybe I can resume with him when I get back. Whooohoo! :D

The comments are moderated in case folks figure out the nickname there. Just submit once & they'll be timestamped, don't worry. The spammers figures out how to include links in the most sneaky ways... "Great photo - what do you think of mine? [but the link goes off to some malicious spyware site]". So leave it to them to force me to add another layer of confusion to the matter. Anyhow - but don't fret about your answer going through, that's the bottom line. :)


Blackthorne Studios said...

I kept reading your initial comment wrong! I thought you wanted us to figure out his whole name, not just what you've nicknamed him. So here I am fretting what could "Max" be short for?!?!

And then I used my brain and stopped missing words in your post. I feel silly now.

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...


Morgen said...

Heather (Blackthorne Studios) nailed it right out of the gate! :D "Max"... it's short for something rather unique in Spanish words.. in fact I had to ask around / do a good deal of research to figure how to pronounce it out. ANYhow.. the nickname is a lot easier imo and will probably be what I & most called him (El Embosco who? lol!).. Congrats Heather!

Natalie - SO CLOSE! You know that was honestly my 2nd choice in names.. it's a dance.

The real name is a dance but also longer -- as are real Criollo stallion names typically. It's just been a whole year of learning about our neighbors to the south! :D

Martha Bechtel said...

Aww and here I thought his name was Charlie Brown! Darnit, I need to realign my guessing powers. ;)

Congratz Heather! :D

Morgen said...

It took me a sec Martha but that's a fun guess too given the post... but yeah, I've been labeling every pic for a while with "max___[something].jpg" so I figured some folks were on to it if they enlarged. Course blogger changed the format sooooooo who knows. Figured it might still be mysterious?! Guess not since she nailed it so fast.

I'm just glad someone got it before I left for a bit here. I didn't want to leave anyone wondering. That's no fun! :D

Char said...

So his name is Max? I love it, it really fits him!
I'm still curious to a picture of him next to you other resins (Especially Johann and Hazel), to see what his size is.

I absolutely love the resin, and I keep saying it, I can't wait to get him in my hands to put some tack on him!!

Morgen said...

Tx Char - his whole name is much longer.. but I really have needed something to call him besides "that Criollo sculpture". ;)

When I do do his sale photos I plan to do up his measurements while here like I did with Hazel so that tackmakers have a head start. In looking through the varieties of tack in Martina's folders alone from 3 or 4 events I can tell it's wildly different from most other things;

Like what is used there for the saddle pad - angora goat skin? llama? Fiber saddle pads or else (I have a photo I took of one) extremely large (dinner plate sized) horns on saddles that look more like early pioneer versions of western seats with the slot through the swell.

Anyhow, lots of exciting potential I think! I'm dying to see what some folks come up with , what with that & the crazy new color options possible.. so anyhow, promise -> I'll have that info up early on. :)