Saturday, April 21, 2012

Maxixe de Barrios - a bit about the breed & the name!

Hi sales information is online now here;

Max's gallery is here

& Now I'm excited to finally share more information about his inspirations and namesake!

First, the breed...

So some leads on learning more about the Criollo (aka Crioullo). As South America’s stock horse, these guys are of obvious Spanish decent.   I was inspired to do this sculpture after coming across a good # at my first horse event here in North Carolina (here is a photo I shared earlier of one horse there ) .  Where I was born/raised (CT) horses are predominately bay/brown & grey, appaloosa or pinto is a notable exception.  For instance I distinctly remember when I first saw a blue roan or a buckskin!   So of course I’m just charmed by what a wonderful variety of colors I stumbled into with these guys!  And for even more, please check out Martina  Vannelli’s flickr albums!!

That last cream (champagne?) fellow shows how they seem to like to leave ear hair there to protect from those flies even though many are quite meticulously groomed.

The build of these guys to me is this epitome of the notion of a “foot in every corner” stock horse look – crossed with the gorgeous Spanish body type (*check out this guy -> "Guapo" indeed eh! )   There are many names for the breed in the various South American countries.  There are various ways they do the hair, more often now you’re seeing the completely roached forelocks too – but I opted for the more traditional look they often seem to be halter shown in; roached mane, hair at the wither & long forelock, banged tail.  I recently saw someone describe Andalusian’s as “hair growing machines” and these guys definitely have that going on for them as well!  Most I’ve found have exceptionally lush wavy tails.

This handsome Criollo shows that robust build and also, you can see they are very small! (Under 14.2hh very often I guess).  Used with permission of “LA PRESTANCIA - CABALLOS CRIOLLOS - TANDIL – ARGENTINA” (Facebook page; )

Another album you REALLY might enjoy for both it’s historical value and all the variety of builds and colors these horses come in;

Next….the name...
My choice of this (crazy hard to pronounce!) :)  name is based on the so so typical Spanish breed movement.  I wanted an M name that related to the musical beat aspect of their gait.  They always seem to me as if they’re hearing their own internal rhythm!

Maxixe is a Brazilian tango – the name actually stems from the African influence which is why it’s a very unusual (hard to pronounce!) word.  Portuguese translators indicate it’s almost pronounced to rhyme with hasheesh.   However if you listen to the man at the beginning of this  performance you’ll hear him say “maxixe” and it’s as if he puts an extra “sheesh” in there. ... as in "mah-she-sheesh"… SHEESH huh? Lol! Sorry to pick another tough name gang!

To harken back to the fashion in which most Spanish horses seem to be named I created a rather arbitrary sounding bloodline by the “de Barrios”.  In part because of all the little maxixe pieces I found on youtube they lacked the right tempo except for a few, I especially like this one as the bongo (bongos right??) really tap out that beat you tend to associate with hoof beats!    Some versions of Agustin Barrios Mangore’s maxixe are often played slower… but I give you these two to hear it as I do – with more staccato!

So there you have it!  Max represents a little folksy working & proudly parading stock horse from a country with rich traditions and beautiful and exceptionally athletic horses! (What a mouthful).


DeeAnn said...

It's so nice to see someone has made a sculpture of this amazing breed. Max is superb Morgen, nice work!
I have a file started for this breed with some of these same photos bookmarked! I have hopes of sculpting an example of the breed someday. But, with two young girls it will be years before I get to start working on my vision.. if i ever get to it. ;) So i'm pleased to see such a gorgeous rendition. I hope I can paint one of these guys someday. Just beautiful!!

Morgen said...

Wow well thank you so much DeeAnn! & I'm looking forward to seeing more of your really fabulous finishwork again! Kids are a great excuse though!!! :D

I'm tickled too that you found some of these same photos to be so inspiring. Aren't they just the coolest horses? When I saw that one at the parade I was so excited that they had to pause in front of us for a while & I edged out to ask the man questions while he tried to keep his pony there in check (it was a crazy venue with more horses than I've ever seen in one event anywhere - including Equine Affairs! "Benson Mule Days" parade... I don't think I'd ever enter it with any horses of my own..). Anyhow, after seeing that guy it wasn't hard to carry on with the inspiration after finding all these amazing photos online too!

I hope you'll sculpt another as well. The world needs more of these guys imo! They're the super versatile Spanish breed!

Summer said...

Hi Morgan,

What a beautiful breed of horse!! I am a huge horse person and I have never heard of the Criollo. But I am glad you have sculpted this wonderful breed. You have captured the beauty of the Criollo perfectly!

I will definitely be sure to add pictures of the Criollo to my horse website. You can see my site here:

You did an awesome job and I look forward to your next sculpture. :)

Morgen said...

Thank you Summer & glad to hear that he's been informative to someone too! :D

LazyShamrock said...

The letter "X" in Portuguese is pronounced like a soft "ch" in English. Or the "sh" you mentioned. So Maxixe should be Mah-she-shuh, from what I can tell as a person who actually does not speak the language.

Summer said...

Hi Morgan,

I was thinking that maybe your next sculpture could be a Friesian stallion 1:9 scale.

My number one favorite horse breed is the Friesian and I think it would be really cool if you did a one because you are an awesome sculptor! I would not be able to buy it, but I think the people who buy from you regularly would really enjoy it.

I know of the perfect stallion you could use as reference if the owners allow. His name is Tonjes 459 from Minker Friesians but he was sold to Kettle Creek Friesians. Take look at his video if you wish:

I know I wrote a book chapter here!! And it is alright if you don't approve this comment.(I mean, it is way off topic!!) :)

Again, Max is awesome! :)

Morgen said...

Tx again Summer & yes, I mostly publish everything unless someone is trying to send me personal contact info. Will try to download that video to watch soon. Tx!