Thursday, April 5, 2012

Watching paint dry...

No no, not quite that bad. In fact it's probably for the best that I'm giving it days to dry here before putting in veins/details. Saturday I'll be at the races (vending in my tent again)... events where I tote everything out always seem to me like "oh I don't have much to do for that" .. and then I really do. I'm always packing my stuff at midnight or later the night before ANY kind of show. When will I learn??!

Sooooo seriously though, I'd LIKE to believe now that I'm all prepared here. That I've gotten my booth stuff ready to go & tomorrow will be a simple matter of packing my stuff into the vehicle for an early Saturday send off? That said, I doubt it. Tomorrow I'll be scrambling around with some big project I remembered.

Picture of my wares out at an Open House at Artist Gallery in downtown Southern Pines last week - so they're all ready to go already for this upcoming weekend for the Saturday races at the Carolina Horse Park in Raeford! :)

My fiance is really doing the major stuff - he is making mini jump standards for hanging those paintings on. Here they are at an open house in the "Artist Gallery" open house last week. It truly messes with me, this name... every year (except this year probably) in the summer I've participated in something called "Artist's Gallery" at the Holiday Inn (now Clarion) in Lexington - a ball room of artists hosted by Breyer during their Breyerfest event. This year I hope to be doing a booth around the arena... so those jump standards will be helpful then somehow too! :) (You know I just want them SO BADLY to play with the dogs with, right? I've wanted mini jump standards since I was like .. 5... I've even had real jump standards but I don't care -> the mini ones are the cutest thing since .... cute things.. I dunno! They ROCK!). :)

Go me with the artsy shot here... :-P I'm really just being silly but it was fun to try!

Pictures are so heavy so I'm hoping the mini jump standards can take it!

He's also slapped together some lovely pedestals for me and I was just out sanding & painting them. While doing so I realized/remembered that the pictures I've been taking here (for another purpose/submission actually), were done with the wrong camera settings for my set up. So DOH... & Thus, here's a slightly better lit photo of my dude that's not all grainy! :D

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