Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Max and pals have a play date

Someone asked me (in a nudge nudge sort of way!), if I’d posted any pictures from any other angles than that the left side.. doh! So here’s some other angles in size comparisons... (Max is still not ready for his glamor shot close ups)..

& I’ll be quick in my babbling because this is a visual anyhow. I’ve already promised to provide “real” measurements on Max (congrats to Heather for getting it again!) for those who make tiny tack… but I’m getting lots of questions on relative scale and I though it would be fun to show some group shots with some of my newest members. I also am (yes of course) doing a self-check on any possible more last minute revisions… you may or may not be able to tell I removed some hoof from the last time (daintier still yes! He’s got the machismo to carry it off imo!). ;)

Max is 1:9 scale – on the slightly small side. He’s 11 inches long, 7 inches high at the crest of his neck (probably would be 8 to eartips if he wasn’t looking down, getting all haughty!) ;) … true to form as a Criollo stallion they come in surprisingly small packages for all their “big” looking selves!

Max and Johann – Johann, 2010, is robust & hardy lil (small traditional) 1:9 scale / 8.5” tall all around riding and driving horse of early American design.

Again from a different angle – I think here you really can see that Max is a taller at the wither, despite his “height” measurement being smaller.

Kipling and Max – who spent a good deal of side-by-side time on their poles when being created. Kipling, 2011, is a 1:9 scale miniature horse/petting zoo pony who's super inquisitive nose is just a hair over 5 inches tall.

Max, Kipling and (hoohaa GIRLpower!) Hazel! Hazel is a 1:9 draft cross mare, standing 10 inches tall on her base & stretching out 14.5 inches long.

And just because it’s supremely entertaining to me (Max standing around regarding EVERYthing…)… here we have Max looking on while little 1:24 scale Flitwick leaps over his rock wall. Flitwick, 2006 stands a shade under 4 inches tall at the top of his tail.

And there you have it. I’m taking a break while his latest coat of primer dries & figured now would be a good time to address that before I go & mar the finish up. I’m thinking that next week I’ll hopefully be ready to go with him.


Chester's Mom said...

What? No photos of Max contemplating the sculptress?


Beth P

Morgen said...

Oh I have got to try that Beth! I think this time I'll ask my fiance to take the photo though rather than trying to capture it with the self-timer... that was 60 or 570 attempts of mad pathetic-ness that was.. lol! ;)

Morgen said...

Opps... that's 60 or 70... not 570. Even for me I tend to get some usable photos before then.. lol!

Char said...

Awesome pictures Morgen, thank you very much! I'm happy to see that he is bigger than Johann, because Johann is really small. I just think that if I'm not showing Max with a doll, he'll do great in performance. As I said before (like 10 times), I can't wait to make him a pretty dressage saddle and bridle! He's gonna be so awesome.

Morgen said...

Thank you Char! :D