Friday, April 6, 2007

Archive link! Switchover thoughts...

For archived notes & pics of my beta page/first version of this sculpting live journal, go here:

I have gotten quite a few requests to venture into the RSS feeds for this journal. It makes sense, people follow along on artist's progress but the months and years go by and sometimes one gets wrapped up in other things and misses out on a horse they had seen in progress and wanted. So, for those folks, and also for those who find it infinitely amusing or at least interesting to watch my daily struggles with something I really ought to have down pat (I say this sheerly in jest b/c I am my own worst critic and expect more of myself with each piece)... here ya go!

OH! Comments: I have been warned that utilizing these through any blogging site invites spammers so I disabled them from view.. HOWEVER please feel free to write me all the same! It's just that I get several hundred spam mails a week and already have to view email in text only format.. no need to further drive myself crazy with some random spammer going wild off of this web site too. All the same, I am a very receptive audience to critiques however and really appreciate anything anyone has to say: even the most uneducated eye can spot "odd" and "wonky" in my opinion - and the most generic/vague thoughts still are quite helpful! :)

SHOULD something happen again with yahoogroups, and their mailing list go down/become terribly unreliable, I will shift gears on this blog to go from a live journal to a newsletter update format too. I am doubtful though that yahoogroups will totally fail - however their history has proven to be frustrating at times, most recently a short update msg I sent out went through 10x and annoyed some folks to no end. I was pretty horrified about that episode and it left me musing on alternatives to keeping folks updated on sales at large. I will still use it, it's the most commonly utilized sales method in my niche; scale equine sculptures for incredibly appreciative and savvy collectors. :)

Off to go check out my other fields to give more info on before I go link this up to my site... cheers! :D