Saturday, April 14, 2007

-sighs- so much to do.. so much...

Well just a quickie here since I have to go clean some stalls.. looks like the neck needs quite a bit more topline removal. I won't go as far as the real mare (since she's too young/undeveloped to have a performing horse's topline). Still, I made a little comparison of the two pics (sculpture is very photoshopped) to see what/where I want to do. I've messed with the sculpture's neck, face a tad (want those nostrils a bit different and wondering about the areas around the eye). Shoulder really was what I was looking at the most. Fiddled some with her topline/depth around the croup and hips too. The photoshopping isn't perfect but it helps me see all the same where I'm at.. which is: LOTS left to do - lol!

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