Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter! & How not to start a sculpture.. ;)

I was musing this morning that some of the folks who've signed up for this live feed but may not have seen the yahoogroup posts I initially made about this work might be hoping that this is a 'How To' type blog for sculpting.. ABSOLUTELY NOT in this case! lol! She started out as a 1:9 scale Morgan mare in a walking pose..! Once I'd built up the armature I realized that the commissioner and collectors did not want a work that big. Compared to Breyers and other artist's resins she would stick out, for all the wrong reasons! ;) I then used her as a "spare epoxy" horse for years and occassionally fiddled with her movement as she became the drafty mare I was aiming for. That's right, I went from petite Morgan horse to Draft mare! ... and then when I decided I wanted to sculpt Hazel, the real horse at the barn, I figured it would be fun to convert this "body". After measuring the real horse, I was surprised at how easy it should be so I gave it a shot... -snorts- hahahah!

If I had stuck to the walking pose and draftier build it would've been not so bad. Anyhow, I just didn't want to - I am a sucker for a real challenge. In theory, (too funny looking back now!), it should've been like a simple customization of a Breyer with refinement primarily. In reality, there was a LOT more I wanted to 'improve' upon. Especially after I did a photoshoot and really studied the photos.

Anyhow, the bottom line is this is NOT how anyone would normally do it. This is just one of those circumstances where you have something sitting in your studio that you want to tackle. ;)

Well there ya go, some Easter musings prior to family time. Hope this finds folks staying warm and having fun! :)

Happy Easter!!!

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