Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Squoosh & moosh...!

Oh my what has happened here, eh?

I have shortened the cannons. Chopped the poor gal in half through the girth and shifted her whole front half up more (which shortened the back a shade while still giving her a strong croup and "tight" topline). Added to the heartgirth (the elbow was too "low" looking because the measurements didn't match up right before). Added more bend to the right hock and pastern to recreate the pose. Made the left hind starting to break over (hoof still needs reshaping tho). And I also cut through the scapula and around behind the elbow through to the chest. It was driving me crazy how narrow chested she looked. She's a mare, sure, but when those legs come forward the points of shoulders point outward a bit more. She didn't look like any of my hundreds of frontal references of even my most narrowest breasted horses.

Much happier. It's a lot easier to "find" the refinements now that she's more overall where I want her. She's not as wasp waisted as the real deal but she's definitely more towards a draft cross than a TB cross looking beast now. Yay! :D

Things I do to entertain myself. I swapped the hind feet. I was pretty impressed that they matched up perfectly in most all proportions - shrugs- I haven't measured them out yet b/c they aren't refined enough though. I can also measure out a perfect 1oz shot and it's a fun party trick I suppose. I don't drink but it's a useful skill in my life as a barn manager. ;)

Speaking of fun tricks and drinking.. here is my boy insisting he sample the dread water before I hose him down the other day.

We've had great weather so much of my time has been outside tending paddocks (gotta keep that back strong) before the grass sprouts up and the going gets difficult. We've pretty much had a 30-40 degree temp increase, being tossed from winter to summer now. :-P

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