Saturday, April 28, 2007

Now I'm at that point where...

ALL I want to do is sculpt. When I was like this with my Bosco sculpture I didn't leave the house for 2 straight weeks ... it was like I entered some alternate dimension. I didn't have the barn managing gig then so there was nothing forcing me to go out. I walked to the store to get the few necessities I had to. I just woke up, sculpted, ate when I was too hungry to continue, slept when I could sit up no longer. Burned through my VHSs a friend gave me of the X-files series (so amusing to see those old commercials, movies and news trailers).

How it feels, I can sort of explain: you can "see" the final result in your mind. You can "see" the detailed, refined horse perfectly. "See" all the tension in certain muscles and "see" the facial expression. I am so excited to be feeling that so fully now! :D Ok, well in truth, I don't see it in the mane and tail yet tho. :/ Note that I just stuck the wire back in for fun. I need it removed so I can work on the hind legs area better now.

A wonderful customer sent me some terrific pictures last night, they have great details that I can't wait to print out for references. (also out of ink tho and that's another 'must have' since I've got 20 resins to mail out and need to print out shipping labels..) Anyhow, I'm most excited about this one I've put here in the subset- it shows the hind leg gaskins and hocks very crisply. Woohoo!!! Thanks "H"! :D

I don't want to shovel all this poop today. Whine.. whine whine.. lol! I also have a little vacation coming up in a few weeks & while I could use the break from the obligations and back strain ugh! how hard it will be for me to pull away now that I'm in a groove. So I rush off now to work my butt of before that... toodles! :D

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