Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hazel is just MAD now.. lol!

Well here we have Hazel being messed with once more.. poor gal. Thus she spent all day threatening Bosco.
I have much else to say but essentially the "big change" from my previous intention to have her be more floating is that it just wasn't conveying itself as much to the masses. There are many a sculpture out there in this pose and while I wanted her to be very different and as animated as possible, truth is that right hind leg just doesn't photograph well in that position, it looks best on a horse going around a corner with the leg more underneath when it's off the ground. Thus I planted it and bent the joints a bit. Now resculpting the upper half to match up to measurements will be the next stage. I went through this with my Traditional half passing horse who looks to have 4 different sized feet in all photos. lol! Horses legs don't move on a straightforward plane but sometimes you have to assess reality and say "that's not worth sculpting". In this case that certainly is true I've decided. And a second confession here is that I wanted to reduce the # of pegs. I will next look at if/how I can lower the front peg and still have a horse who's moving with impulsion & has an uphill topline b/c she's utilizing her abdominal muscles to the max.
Spent the day in the odd thing called sunshine! & Hazel ought to be ready (epoxie cured) for working on now. :D

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