Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bunch of things today..

First I'll start with the pertinent stuff. :) Hazel's brow and nasal bone (and neck oh and lip lol!) is getting to more of a place I'm happy with:

that image is so blurry I made a quick contrasty one of another shot:

Second, I'd like to share a fun video snippet from the spanish horse national champion ship (it's ather long and I kept pausing it to go do things while I was getting ready this am). My favorite bits are the 10horse cobra, the random Icelandics and the liberty guy at the end (10min into it - maybe you can skip ahead if your connection is slow?):
And I would love to learn to flamenco dance (hope that's spelled right - spell checker argued about the feminine 'a').

Lastly, on a less happy note.. I'd just like to share a memorial my boyfriend made this weekend for his friend Brian who passed away recently. Brian and he had just started to venture off into their own timberframing business last year when Brian was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was only given 3-6 months to live but he lived a very full year following that. I'm not good with touching words but I am at least relieved to know he got this extra time with his family and that everyone helped to pull together for him to make the transition for his wife and children smoother. Rest in peace Brian.

His obituary is here

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