Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm getting to that point..

Where primer is no longer your friend.
That is to say, I'm at the point where primer starts to clog up details. It's a strange feeling.. it's a definite clear 'next step' to this sort of work. At this point things start going faster really. (hooray!)

In noticing this as I have been really stuck working out a few sticky points (not literal), and also in realizing there IS indeed a magazine out there with whom I might want to advertise her pending completion (in the order of months still but you have to prepare yourself for these things)... I decided to move her to the box area so I could take some pics. My dual reasons were
a) to see what stood out still to me as these things have to be addressed first now. In other words I can't go making fine details on the sides of the face when the nasal bone isn't quite right - primer will mute these details. Hope that made sense.
b) to see if she's at a point where an advertisement of "coming soon" would be fair and honest. Sans tail (second pic) that kinda sucks. I do think I ought to get some strong wire/long screws in there soon and do that step first (make a more sincere effort at the final shape of the tail and not just a gesture). I want the same 'S' curve from the birds eye view that the last one had. I don't want quiet as much bow upwards...

I made one tiny photo shop alteration to the body (aside from the obvious fake tail there!) . I have been playing around to see (ala point "a" above) what's major that still needs addressing. I guess I'll let the readers here try to figure out what that change was (it's not as if I really tried to make it perfectly blended). I am off to the studio to go implement it. :D I've been in photoshop (and thus on the computer) far too long today!

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