Sunday, November 25, 2007

Unreal! 35hrs a week...!!!

I was just having a time management reality check today and realized that with driving back and forth and such.. I spend 35hrs a week on the farm "hobby". It's almost technically a "hobby" business wise now from a financial standpoint. When my accountant asks me how much I "pay" myself for the farm labor I really never have any clue as to how to answer. hahaha!

Anyhow, but I was reminiscing about how I'd gotten to a similar point with a different sculpture 3 years ago and I suddenly locked myself up for 2 weeks straight in the house. I really miss that. I live a very punctuated interrupted life at the moment. The weather sincerely dictates my productivity. Ptthhhbtt.

I'm pretty happy with a lot here, her lips aren't quite right, her eyes aren't quite the way I want the expression either, but (! because it is ok to sometimes not be so critical of ones self..) the overall fleshing is coming along exactly how I want it to. Hooray! (small brief party)

Oh. I have mentioned here that the tail was hardly the final product, right? It was far too thick in some points to dremel down so I get to remake it yet again at some point. I do miss my little priming handle though. ;) The mane too - these are things that I address last with a more rubbery slick epoxy and I don't want to get too much primer on it. The mane & tail "gesture" will be dremeled/sanded down thinner then and then very transparent-almost layers of this epoxy will be added over them. I really get only one shot to do it right or else I have to sand it all away and start over. That's my preferred way to get smoother manes and tails. I've learned from resin-casts past that too deep of a groove (the kind sculpted in using hard-material sculpting methods) tends to yank on the silicon molds and only the earlier castings from each mold stay true to the detail - then blobs start forming where the mold has had little bits pulled away with each subsequent cast. You really do have to consider the media when working in some part.

Anyhow, it's like the final details such as veins: it's almost the last step. At that point sometimes I'm not spraying primer on but painting it on from a jar very very carefully with lots of stinky fumes and masks.

She has such a cute naked butt, eh?

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