Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend update: fun! :D

Well it has been a really busy weekend!

First off I want to thank everyone at RXR. I cannot say how wonderful it was to talk to folks. I left with the biggest warm fuzzies and rejuvenation! That's just such a great feeling.

Today I was hoping to get some studio time in but wound up spending almost all of the day at the barn overseeing horse-introductions. Rocky left in Oct. Did I mention that? Well anyhow, he moved closer to his owner and to a place where larger groups of folks went out trail riding. Unfortunately I've heard through the grapevine that his owner was bucked off and cracked a few things. Send "jingles" her way - that really stinks. All the same - at least it's turning cold fast and she's not missing much. This of course has no bearing on me sculpting my little Morgan fellow - a) he's not a 100% direct portrait (I wanted the shorter back and worked with some more old-stock proportions) and b) he's only 20mins/1/2hr away still. RIghto - I digress. So a week or so after Rocky left in comes this super cute little QH who is such a doll. I'll let you see for yourself, I made a photo journal today:
There was some poor behavior on my gelding's part after an hour or so of sizing each other up. He got "fresh" and started trying to mount the new fellow which earned him a justifiable wallop to the ribs. After that he just became an instigator until the new kid got wound up and then shot off doing the QH thing. After being run circles around, Mango gave up. New guy is definitely faster. But Mango won at the watering hole. It remains to be seen 'who's boss' but so far the new fellow has deferred on food matters to Mango. New cutie seems basically mellow (in other words when he doesn't have these rocket around in circles moments) at least and if that's the case all will remain calm. Mango and new guy seem pretty well matched in that they don't like things that hurt.

So enjoy the gallery. It's huge. I'm freezing cold and need to bundle up for a while longer or else I'd explain more about why I keep riding the poor little donkey too. ;) Isn't he awesome though? :)

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