Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Someone took my toy.. :(

I had to chuckle when I went back to that tetris game there and saw it was taken away for copyright violations. I have to also admit I'd wondered about that but the URGE to play was too strong to waste time reading any of the developer nonsense. In truth I really don't spend much time actually online, just short breaks and spurts of 10min here and there (mostly while on the phone too and other activities, say washing dishes, would be too loud for the caller to hear me over).

Anyhow, here's a new angle (and it shows better some areas I haven't even started on like the tail)

And an overlay of some muscling changes I want to do. Her point of shoulder muscle tie in's were too narrow (the inset is a photoshopped version - how I *want* it to be).

Draft crosses still seem to have those bigger muscle bellies, even in the long-fiber muscles. I have a vast array of very cool beefier breed (not heavy horses though!) photos I've been studying from all angles to get these little details appropriate to her specific build here.

I had about 10 fun photos to share yesterday but the browser jammed up and I didn't bother to retrieve the history since I'd clicked through hundreds (and I wonder why this poor machine is so slow). Oh well. :^/

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