Wednesday, November 14, 2007


First off - someone please take this away from me:

It's like handing me a bag of pistachios.. I loose all willpower to this game in particular.. just.. can't... stop.... UGH!

I have this strange fascination with the geometric shapes of horse bodies. These are the things you don't see in anatomy books when the fascia is pulled off and the adipose is cleaned up around the muscle tissue. It's not even what you'd necessarily see when you first dissect an animal and remove the just the skin. The shapes I'm striving to get at are only present when there's life in the tissues. It's one of those things that in my very humblest opinion the best sculptors just "get". I suppose I can't say "I just get" those things. I have to pull in and pull out my focus to "get" those. How can I explain this better.. hmmm...

You know those "How To Draw a Horse" books? Where they make a bunch of circles and connected lines and a very geometric robot horse? Then the artist pulls some mad leap of logic on you and puts perfect bulges in various spots along the legs and blends in the croup areas and jawline with a finesse that no beginner is possibly going to "get".. It's a leeeeeeeettle like that. In fact on some areas it's *exactly* like that. However take it into 3 dimensions.

I envy those sculptors who can create what's called positive and negative space in form with perfect feel for the scale and subject - in their first drafts.

Today I am struggling to get that perfect feel on a few spots. I really feel it's what separates the mice from the men in figure study in both flat and dimensional works. & I will be happy to admit it's not one of those things that comes naturally.

That is all. & Please make the tetris go away.

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