Sunday, February 17, 2008

1 wk/several books on tape later.. :)

Well hopefully despite the blurries the 3rd comparison photos these will clearly show how bringing down the hair where the mane meets the neck more clearly defined her poll. It's a tricky region I didn't overemphasize at first because I really wanted to have a nice blend from body to mane.

Also, although I don't have a great comparison photo for it, the first pic there shows how after getting the heartgirth bigger her back muscles over the croup looked very weak - so this is her with a stronger back there. This photo was taken from the height of her ears or so pointing down so I don't have a previous comparison for it. The best I have is that blurry 3/4 pic (second from the top).

All the while I'm doing these things I'm also smoothing things like ear/lumps, teat blending, pec shapes etc. The hocks are really the one big area I've got to fix before the veins and wrinkles and hairs can be started/done. The points of bone that are most prominent there are too prominent and not quite angled right. Argh! :)

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