Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Last call for critiques! :)

Hard to believe that a coat of different colored primer and a clutter free background can make all the difference but it does - to me at least - she looks SO much smoother now! :)

Gallery is here:

Anyhow, as I go over her with a fine toothed comb and find the last of the blips and blops to fill in.. and smooth the mane and tail better ... and add wee things like nails and veins... I would LOVE to hear if anyone spots anything very OFF here that I ought to remeasure. AAAaaaaand I'm really wondering about the base. I know performance showers like to cover up the bases sometimes. And she's a do-it-all performance type horse so since it's not an integral part of the image (where as with my sculpture Flitwick, the whole thing just "made sense" with a rock wall base)... I'm up for any kind of base styles to consider. I'm pretty much just wanting to keep the thickness around what it is here (shoot- for the sake of shipping weight cost alone! lol!). No seriously, I'm all ears if anyone has reasons pro or con for certain things. I was wondering if the materials used to cover bases sometimes got caught up in the rougher styled bases.

Ok, I'm bracing myself.. lay it on me! :)

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