Sunday, February 24, 2008

Capillary conundrums

and this;
really show the EXTREME of what I could justifiably put on.
Since I was on the site and it's easy to post, THIS;
is more along the lines of what I'm thinking... a heavy breed, even with a thicker hair coat, still has some evidence of capillaries when it's galloping all out.

Capillaries are tough. They need to blend in since they usually have a softness around their edges that isn't defined the way I've typically seen them on sculptures (painted on last and are almost too crisp, or worse imo, far too large). All the same, when people finish the horses and there are many (sometimes more, sometimes less) layers of primer, paint and finishing sprays on... well, the detail is either gone, or raised up.

So I'm going to work with a material that bleeds a tad to blend them in better. We shall see...

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