Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hand. Staple. Forehead.

I have a friend who says that - such a great way to put it.

Anyhow, I had one of those moments today when I realized I omitted some reasoning to my auction on why I didn't stick with the normal Spanish spelling. Anyhow, here's that auction (with the new and improved foot-in-mouth addendum note at the bottom - lol!)...

I considered doing a better job on the photoshop aspects of that photo. I'm torn with those - they look GREAT when collaged together nicely (I mean all out effects of blurring and blending, light highlights especially). I just prefer to NOT photoshop much when it comes to selling something people have only seen in photographs. One photos with minimal effects is more my style I guess. The random small horsie standing around like a diminutive bird on the enlargement's butt though cracks me up. It looked better with lighting effects but as I said, I don't want folks to think there's a lot of touching up going on in these so I leave em pretty straightforward.

Random candid thoughts there.

Meanwhile, back in the studio I have to say I am finding the contour tool to be the best thing STILL since sliced bread. Sliced bread was invented in the late 20's if you are curious (I was). Anyhow, I'm having a blast making sure all parts match. I've also been detailing out girlie parts (thankful to still have a use for my equine repro texts since I don't have plans to ever breed a horse again). I also picked out some horse shoes from this collection I've made for my boyfriend who welds. .. over the years I've just been setting them aside after each farrier visit. I have opted not to give her caulks (calks alternate spelling) nor heels nor anything too specialized in the shoes dept. Just clips. It's interesting that front shoes have the toe clips set slightly farther back (counting by nail holes) than hind shoes. The difference in front and hind shoe shapes make it interesting too measurement wise. REALLY nit picky stuff but that's me. I always find myself doing some detail and loathing to fudge it so I wind up digging out a reference of some sort or going back to measure.

I really like how her face is turning out iwth the more subtle shape details coming in. I am really really starting to get wildly inspired...yay! :D And now to get back to it. .. ;)

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